We specialize in dynamic and motivational corporate environments that respect budget requirements while highlighting corporate identity. We offer a fully tailored approach to project management, incorporating every service from A to Z.

Ronald J. Melvin, Architect

For more than 26 years, Ron Melvin led the architecture branch of Avalon Engineering, a Cape Coral architecture, planning and civil engineering firm. He is grateful for the opportunities Southwest Florida has provided throughout this time of regional growth and respects the need to carefully incorporate environmental sustainable strategies for future generations.

Ron combines insight and experience with a broad vision, natural curiosity and most importantly, the ability to listen to and see from the perspective of his clients. His interest in architecture began at an early age and by 9th grade Ron was enrolled in design and drafting programs in the Miami-Dade school system. Prior to attending college he was mentored by local architects Daniel F. Burner Jr. and Rick McCormack. Ron graduated with High Honors from Auburn University in Alabama and returned home to Florida to begin his career with W.R. Frizzell Architects. He has been a licensed architect in Florida since 1988 and became a LEED AP® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) in 2008.

He has been an integral part of the Southwest Florida community, volunteering his time with Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International and the South Fort Myers Food Pantry Coalition.

Our Services

Pre-Design Services

  • Space programming
  • Preliminary floor plan
  • Site evaluation
  • Code studies/options
  • Case studies
  • Research

Design Services

  • Preparation of design documents
  • Construction documents
  • Prepare project specifications
  • Product/systems research
  • Coordinate consultant’s work/documents
  • Assist/advise owner regarding contractor selection
  • Evaluate alternative systems (roofs/insulation/walls/HVAC/structure/etc.)
  • Color and material selections
  • Permitting and associated documentation

Construction Contract Administration

  • Assist with contractor selection
  • Bidding
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Respond to requests for information
  • Provide supplemental instructions
  • Review product submittals
  • Review and certify applications for payment
  • Review requests for substitutions
  • Visit site to review progress and quality of work
  • Prepare field reports, prepare punch list
  • Review close-out documents

Our Commitment to our Clients

As you consider hiring an architect, consider what you need from that professional. It’s more than designing a building; you need a professional relationship with someone who understands your goals and limitations, provides ongoing communication, creative problem solving and a secure knowledge the architect has your best interest in mind.

We will:

  1. Listen and incorporate our client’s ideas to the best of our ability
  2. Always be mindful the owner is the primary decision maker who will be associated with this building for a long time
  3. Discuss and include the scope of services and building systems needed for a complete and fully functioning facility
  4. Address and answer significant design questions/issues before construction begins
  5. Be aware and respectful of project timing and budget goals
  6. Be respectful of all members of the project team and focus on creating an excellent and successful project
  7. Protect our client’s interests by suggesting products and systems we know to have a proven record of success
  8. Suggest highly experienced consultants we know to be familiar with the scope and nature of our client’s projects
  9. Suggest options for current environmentally friendly, green and energy efficient technologies, practices and systems